After one month of rehearsing, performing and sharing so much on this square we took the tent down.
Voting. All the three tragedies got votes every night. Most votes went to Myllyteatteri's Lot's Wife.
Each night different commentators. Here theatre director Ralf Långbacka, priest Auvo naukkarinen, EU mep Eija-Riitta Korhola.
We had a seminar on tragedy. Philosopher Tuomas Nevanlinna as chairman.
The audience voted for their favorite tragedy!
After the three tragedies three spectators shared their impression and thoughts with the audience.
Teatteriteltta, Theatre Tent: Tragediakilpailut 16.-24.5.2008.
Performing artist Petri Taipale and one of the 40 presses that held the tent attached to the square.
The trumpet player Eero Savela and the artistic leader of the project Miira Sippola
Without everyone's power it couldn't have been done.
Putting up the tent: The trumpet player, light designer, actresses
We thought to make our theatre in the heart of Helsinki at the Central Railway Station Square