Macbeth, Again

The world-famous director Akira Hino and Japanese-Finnish working group perform a unique interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic, that combines taiko-drums, theater and contemporary dance. Before each performance, Ikki Hino and his group will hold an outdoor wadaiko concert in front of Kanneltalo, at Sitratori Square, starting at 17. After each performance, there will be a Q&A session with the cast members.

Akira Hino is known first and foremost as a master of Japanese Budo martial arts, but he is also a director, choreographer and teacher. Akira Hino’s son, Ikki Hino, in turn, is a world-renowned expert on Taiko drums and the related tradition, and a drummer. Yuko Takeda is an actress and director, who lives in Finland and has worked for Myllyteatteri, University of Arts Helsinki, among others.

In Kanneltalo, Helsinki, April 2017: 20, 21, 22 at 7 pm. Drum concert at 5 pm.
Duration 60 min. | Languages: Finnish, English, Japanese | | | City of Helsinki Cultural Office

Directed by Akira Hino.
Cast Akira Hino, Ikki Hino, Nobuko Takahara, Yuko Takeda, Akane Shino, Erika Fujii, Ulla Raitio, Tuomas Tulikorpi, Laura Humppila and Niklas Riikonen among others