The Island


 "... the most enigmatic production on this year's Fringe... Saari has a surprising amount to say about solitude, companionship and what it means to be human."

- Roger Cox, Edinburgh Festivals

On Saari (The Island) two strangers, played by a Japanese and a Finnish actor, retreat to a remote and bare island by the ocean. With difficult past, they face the ocean, each other and ultimately one’s self, making a brave journey to the innermost solitude of the human mind. Presented by an emerging theatre group Myllyteatteri, whose “diverse group gathered from different parts of the world brings forward a very unique atmosphere, local yet universal, archaic yet contemporary”, Saari is an ascetic and intensive theatre performance which explores the themes of solitude and death. Artistically it especially celebrates the art of the actor.

In the fully composed performance the spoken languages are Finnish, English and Japanese. 

Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes 

Actors on stage: Kaisa Niemi and Yuko Takeda
Composer: Johanna Juhola
Sound design: Johanna Storm
Light and visual design: Jani-Matti Salo
Director and script: Miira Sippola
Costumes and scenography: Paula Koivunen
Producer: Katri Muhonen