Divina Commedia 2.0

Divina Commedia is a theatre specular which translated Dante's masterpiece into contempopary, multilayered theatre language. Created by Myllyteatteri, inviting together a multidisciplinary international group of theatre artists from Finland, Portugal, Greece and Japan, the spectacular was premiered successfully in a unique site specific, an abandoned marble quarry in Portugal in July 2012. The performance visited SKUPI ITF -festival in Skopje, Macedonia: there it was awarded with the Best Performance Prize of the Skupi International Theatre -festival.  

Photos from Portugal

The structure of Myllyteatteri’s theatrical Divina Commedia is the same that Dante used in his 13th century classic. There is a Hell, a Purgatory and a Paradise, and the same timeless questions raised by Dante: what is the meaning of life? What is in the core of a human being? The languages spoken in the performance are English and Portuguese with a small tastes of Finnish, Greek and Japanese. Translation for subtitles in English are available. However, the performance is a unique visual and musical multilayered universe on its own, through which the person in crisis travels, and the spoken language is not crucial issue in the performance. The theatrical music matters. 

>> Myllyteatteri gave to the audience a unique performance, based on Dante’s Divina Commedia and his poetry, but translated and adapted in the language of the theater. Divina Commedia 3.0 creates a unique universe, which is visual in a charming and style way: the costumes, set and light, the stylezed movement language of the performers, carried on with a funny sound plan and the roles of the traveller and the guide, who work as keys for following the story. The performance makes a curing journey through the visually overwhelming scenes. The performance happens ultimately in the head and heart of the spectator. In their own words “Divina Commedia is a journey in a human mind”, an experience that they shared with the audience. >> 

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Script and Directing: Miira Sippola
On Stage: Diana Niepce, André Salvador, Fábio Moreira, Susana Nunes (POR); 
Nantia Papatheodorou (GRE); Ulla Raitio, Tuomas Tulikorpi, Jaakko Kiljunen,
Idalotta Backman (FIN) ja Yuko Takeda (JAP).
Scenography: Aili Ojalo (FIN)
Costume design: Sara Machano da Graca (POR)
Sound design: Sérgio Martins ja Rui Lima
Light design: Anaísa Guerreiro (POR)