Divina Commedia

Myllyteatteri together with its international co-organisers is making a work-in-progress out of Dante’s master work Divina Commedia.

The structure being the same as Dante wrote it: Hell - Purgatio - Paradise, a group of professional artist from the corners of Europe (Finland, Portugal and Greece) are answering the same questions as Dante did: What is the meaning of life?

The first part of the project Divina Commedia 1.0. was in premiere 12th Oct. in Tiivistämö, Suvilahti, Helsinki Finland. The performance will be developed during the winter 2011-12 and Divina Commedia 2.0. will be seen in Portugal in July, as a part of the Escrita na paisagem -festival. Our stage will be an abandoned marble quarry in Alentejo county.

The co-organisers in the project are Art Syndicate from Greece and Colecção B, Associação Cultural from Portugal

Director: Miira Sippola 
Visual design: Aili Ojalo 

Sound design: Johanna Storm
Composing: Timo Muurinen  
Light design: Matti Jykylä 
Voice adviser: Pia Skibdahl
Choreography adviser: Piia Peltola
Directors assistant: Mirva Anjala
Actors/ Finnish team: Idalotta Backman, Jaakko Kiljunen, Ulla Raitio, Yuko Takeda and Tuomas Tulikorpi, Outi Condit, Miikka Tuominen, Katariina Jumppanen, Joni Saarela, Maksim Pavlenko, Akvile Ruzgyte, Pilvi Hämäläinen and Iida Rauhalammi
Producer: Tia Kalenius, Katri Muhonen