• We produce one premiere annually at a new venue. We search a suitable place to perform each of our show. We have been performing in an old mill at Suomenlinna fortress, at an aquarium stage "Espa" in Helsinki downtown, at Ateneum museum and in our Theatre Tent in the Central Railwaystation square.
  • We develop our own stage language and aesthetics by training regularly and realizing the full physical potential of the actor.
  • We collaborate with other art disciplines and science, to learn from each other and to open new windows to other disciplines. We have, for instance, collaborated with tee artists, musicians, scientists and visual artists.
  • We develope new forms for performancies and audiences to meet. Our biggest theatre innovation based on theatre traditions has been founding Theatre Tent festival in downtown of Helsinki, a meeting place by the stage for artists with their performances, politicians, priests and audience.
  • We see theatre ultimately as universal and international activity and keep a continuous dialog with international theatre groups and art institutes, searching possibilities to collaborate.
  • We provide supplemental programs, lectures, and discussions to present the production in different perspectives.
  • Myllyteatteri is supported by Finland's Council Of Performing Arts and Helsinki City. We thank all our supporters and guarantee the support will be forwarded with all our power and artistic ability.