Company Members


Miira Sippola

Director, writer and Myllyteatteri’s founding member and artistic leader since 2003. Miira holds a MA on theology, having majored on philosophy of religion (“Imagination” as her theses) from Helsinki University. She has studied theatre abroad and in Theatre Academy of Finland and has been training the Suzuki Method at SITI Summer Wokshop in 2006 and in Toga, Japan, in 2008. She has written plays and one novel.


Yuko Takeda

Yuko is a Japanese actress. She has been working with Myllyteatteri since 2009. She was last seen as Jesus in Via Crucis 2010 and will be performing in “The Divina Commedia Project” in 2011. She holds an MFA in Acting from Univ. of Arkansas. She attended SITI Summer Theater Workshop (2006) in NY and Suzuki Method of Actor Training Program in Toga (2008).

Ulla Raitio

Ulla is a free lancer actress who graduated from Theatre Academy of Finland in 2009. He has worked in the National Theatre of Finland from which she also was awarded with the Ida Ahlberg grant in 09. Ulla got interested in the Suzuki Method of Acting and it took her to the USA in 2010.

Tuomas Tulikorpi

Tuomas has graduated as an actor from The Lithuanian Theatre Academy in 2010. He now works with Myllyteatteri and in Theatre Jurkka. Also he belongs to the Lithuanian theatre group Trupe. Liu-di . He shares the Suzuki Actor’s Method discipline with the Myllyteatteri actors and has studied it first in the Lithuanian theatre Academy after which has studied it in the USA at SITI Summer Theater Workshop 2008 and in Finland with Myllyteatteri.

Jaakko Kiljunen

Jaakko is a free lancer actor who has graduated as an actor from the Theatre Academy of Saint Petersburg in 2009. He also has studied in Theatre Academy in Finland. He worked in Lappeenranta City Theatre 09-10. He has actively trained Suzuki Acting Method with Myllyteatteri and also participated the SITI Summer Theatre Workshop in 2010. In addition to working in Myllyteatteri, Jaakko works in theatre and film productions in Vilna and in Saint Petersburg.

Idalotta Backman

Actress, director and teacher. Idalotta left the Theatre Academy of Finland to hitchhike to the world as a fool of wordless theatre, stepped on the sledge of the Sami theatre as a director, did dance films in Brazil, taught in the theatre school in Greenland and found the community theatre in Africa. Theatre and ritual are in her focus in terms of artistic research. She holds the Licentiate of theatre arts from 2003.